– Updated 2_front_muru_attack_v28p_ggo to v2
== Fixed all spawn points so that they now work. Players no longer spawn on top of each other
– Updated dm_runoff_ggo to v2
== Prevented users and objects going out of bounds
== Reduced the number of explosive barrels, replacing with non-explosive objects

– Added HL2:DM map 2_front_muru_attack_v28p_ggo_v1
– Added HL2:DM map 2play_ggo_v3

– Added HL2:DM map dm_[bnb]_temple_grav_bar_v2_ggo_v1
– Added HL2:DM map 00dm_hogs_warehouse_ggo_v1
– Added HL2:DM map 030dm_flipflop_ggo_v1

– Resolved issue with map on Stats page
– Disabled SourceTV as it was unuderutilised and spammed the Discord
– Stopped producing demo files due to SourceTV being disabled

– Added Discord integration to the HL2:DM Server
– Added News section to website and aggregated all recorded historical changes
– Resolved issue with time left notices on HL2:DM Server

– Created GGO Killing Floor 2 Server

– Fixed time left announcements not playing
– dm_closed_war_ggo_v2 upgraded to dm_closed_war_ggo_v3:
=== Extra player spawns added to deal with the server when busy
=== Missing texture fixed
=== Items balanced for each spawn
– dm_cigsub_ggo_v2 upgraded to dm_cigsub_ggo_v3:
=== Unwanted weapons and ammo removed

– GGO has now been moved to a new server with better specs. You will have to re-add it to your favorites list.
– An issue has been resolved with HLXCE, and stats are now once again being recorded.
– A few backend changes have been made which should make stats more reliably work across future server moves.

– We are proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with the Nologam gaming community! There is now a Nologam button at the top of the screen to take you to the community. In addition, you may see Nologam mentioned on the servers periodically.


– When the server is empty, it now defaults to dm_ob_killbox_gravity_gun, as this appears to be people’s favourite map.
– We have added an audible time countdown at the end of each round
– We have updated our website to reflect the additional game servers we now host.
– We are currently re-vamping our steam group and are planning to make more extensive use of it.

As always, if you have any suggestions such as new maps or plugins, let us know and we’ll take a look!

– It’s been a while since the last news announcement, so this is an aggregation of everything that’s happened since the last one.
– improved dm_c17d14_ggo, now c17d14_ggo_v2
– dropped dm_carousel
– dropped dm_calmdown
– added dm_overcast_ggo
– added dm_cage_ggo_v2
– added dm_assaultbox_b1_ggo
– added dm_closed_war_ggo_v2
– Moved to a more powerful dedicated server for both game and web hosting

– After rather a long period of our Gravity Gun plugin not working, I have finally learnt enough about SourcePawn to re-write it from scratch. We are now once again Gravity Gun Only (plus melee weapons).
– Added a beta copy of the map dm_c17d14_ggo, I should have a final copy out in the next 48 hours.

– We have fixed the issue with not displaying the world map in Google Chrome.
– Valve have now fixed hammer for HL2:DM, and work is underway to introduce more maps on to the server.
– We are about to pass 2,500 individual players, a big thanks to everyone who has played on the server over the past three years!

– In an effort to support HL2:DM development we are now running the server on the pre-release branch of HL2:DM, this won’t affect clients ability to connect to the server.
– We are currently experiencing an issue with the stats page where the map isn’t loading in Chrome, but is working in Firefox and IE.
– We will soon be adopting a few new maps, but are currently waiting for Valve to fix Hammer (see Valve’s Github for further info on the issue).

– I have finally discovered the cause for spray selection not saving when HL2:DM is closed. When HL2:DM is started it is meant to execute config.cfg. However, it doesn’t. Most settings are saved, but Spray selection isn’t. To fix this problem ad the following to your launch options:
“+exec config.cfg”

– Our website now has a valid SSL certificate. For end users this means that our websites now begins with https:// and all traffic sent to and from it is encrypted.
– I have now re-written the Message Of The Day in HTML and CSS (previously, it was just a PNG). This offers a few improvements. Firstly, it’s much faster to load. Secondly, I have now included hyperlinks, such as the word stats linking to the GravityGunOnly stats page. If you want to preview this new MOTD, visit this link:
– Added a plugin which tells you how much damage you cause when you hit another player.

– For fans of our server, we now have an official GGO spray, which can be downloaded here:
Please check with a server’s rules before using this spray to ensure that they do not prohibit advertising sprays.

– We have upgraded from a VPS to a dedicated server, and now have vastly superior specs. This does mean that there will be an IP change. As always, you can connect to the server with the IP: However, if you had previously added the server to your favourites, you will need to re-add it. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

– We have now open-sourced our bash script which currently handles starting, stopping, restarting, updating, and ingame notices. We will shortly be expanding on the uses and quality of this file and felt open sourcing the script would help the community at large. Feel free to submit improvements!


– We have migrated over to a new hosting provider. This new provider has 1GB of RAM (the old one had 512MB). This should solve any lag problems experienced previously. Additionally, this new server is running FreeBSD, which shouldn’t affect the usability of the server in any way, but if you experience any issues, please send me a message.

– The Steam forums are finally back! I have improved the design of this thread to make it a bit more visually appealing, any suggestions on how to improve it are welcome.
– dm_ob_killbox_gravity_gun is proving extremely popular and has been running on the server most of the time since launch. I am looking at compiling a small mapcycle of the best few maps we have, to replace the larger mapcycle of maps.
– Due to the long map durations, replays haven’t been available for a week or so, I am currently looking into fixing this.

– We now have a new version of our primary map, dm_ob_killbox_gravity_gun. It has been improved considerably and now makes full use of the Orange Box engine. Thanks go to gtamike_TSGK for his work. For a limited time we are now running this map non-stop to allow players a chance to try it out.

– The stats module for the server has now been fixed. You will now see stats ingame when somebody is killed. Additionally, “rank” and “top10” in the chat box will bring up stats. Full stats can be found at


In the last 6 weeks we have had a huge number of updates.

– We now have a new domain,
– We have a new, modern website at
– We now have a new HLStatsX page, which can be found at the website
– We now have demos automatically record for every map, which can be downloaded from the website
– We are now hosting on a new server in France, which has a much better connection than the previous server.
– We now have over 20 new maps, selected from a pool of over 300.
– We have now transitioned over to SourceMod.
– We have now enabled the use of the crowbar and the stunstick.

– Demo files are now automatically recorded of every match.
– Demo files are now automatically available for download, see “Download Demos” link at top of this post.
– The Crowbar and Stunstick are now available for use, in addition to the Gravity Gun.

– This thread has been significantly re-designed. It is now cleaner and more concise, and many additional news posts have been merged into this main first post.

– Thanks to all those who turned up to the Halloween event, it was a great success!

– Fixed the issue with extra weapons being available, the server is now once again GGO!
– Mani is still not working. Therefore, we are still without any form of working stats.

– We now have a new virtual dedicated server which is situated in France. This new server is running under a more preferable virtualisation technology, meaning there will be guaranteed CPU availability, and a far lower ping for most people.
– Valve have kindly broken all (at the time of posting, including SourceMod) plugins for HL2DM. This means that for a limited time, you can use any weapon on GGO! However, they may be some downtime at some point as we move the server over to a new VPS.

– We now have a HLStatsX page. We will be using this to slowly phase out the old Mani rank system. The primary reason for this is to allow for a future move to SourceMod. However, HLStatsX provides far more information than Mani was able to provide.

– We now have a SourceTV server. This can be found at

– The server now has around six new maps, selected from a collection of over 500 maps, chosen specifically for their use with the Gravity Gun. Additionally, we now own the domain “”, which now points to the server, so you can use this IP address to join the server.

Great news! As of 24/08/2012 the server has officially been re-launched on a new VPS. To celebrate this relaunch we have added four new maps, and launched a new website, available at

– The server has officially been re-launched on a new VPS. We have added some new maps to celebrate this and also have a new website and server ip:

We have now opened up an official Steam Group!

If you wish to join please visit the following link:

We have added another new feature to the server.


We now automatically keep statistics on all players who join the server. How many kills, deaths, suicides and some other stats on each player.

Also, if you type “rank” into the chat box on the server it will tell you exactly where you are ranked on the server highscores. And as an example of how popular the server is, since its implementation 2 days ago there have been 49 individual players!

We have now added notifications to the server, containing useful information such as the time, the next map, and more.

Also, we have recently opened up a youtube account and in the near future will be recording videos for the channel.

~Gravity Gun Only!~
To Join the server either:
Look for “Gravity Gun Only” in the server list
add “” to your favourites

SourceTV Server:
Download Demos


Official Steam Group




Think you’ve mastered the gravity gun? Prove it!
As the name suggests, you have only one weapon; the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator. (Also known as the Gravity Gun)

As a server for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, we put a much larger emphasis on the usefulness of knowing your terrain; relying much more on cover and the props which lay strewn about the map.

Instead of shooting bullets and rockets at each other you’re required to find a wide range of ammunition yourself as well as learning what’s best to use and how to use it.

On top of this, the gun itself has been buffed up quite a bit, almost anything is possible!

To join the server, either look for “Gravity Gun Only” or enter the server’s IP:



How can I join the server?
The server will be available in the master server list and is called “Gravity Gun Only”. Also, you can connect directly to the server using the address “”.

I know a really good map, can you get it?
If we try it and agree with you, definitely! We have searched through hundreds of maps but there are still plenty we simply aren’t aware of.

Why do you give out a name instead of an IP address?
A couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s easier to remember, and secondly, it means that if we need to move to a different server at any point, people don’t need to find a new IP, they simply have to keep using

How do you stop people just cheating and using any other weapon?
We wrote a script which automatically removes all other weapons from the maps, therefore it is impossible for people to “cheat” in this way.

I have a different question!
Great to hear! We love to receive questions. Either leave a reply in this thread (recommended), or message us directly at:


We are extremely thankful for the support you have offered us since we began in 2010. However, we would be extremely grateful if you chose to donate any amount to us to help continue paying for hosting. Further information on how to do this can be found at